Descendants of George Whitecotton

Descendant Tree Hyperlinks connects to individauls ancestors and or descendants

1 George Whitecotton b: Abt. 1729 in Overwarton Parish, Stafford, Virginia d: Abt. 1768 in Stafford County, Virginia
..+Mary Harris Whitecotton b: January 20, 1729/30 in Henrico County, Virginia m: Abt. 1749 in Virginia
..2 James Whitecotton b: March 14, 1749/50 in Overwarton Parish, Stafford, Virginia d: June 07, 1849 in Pleasant Run, Marion County, Kentucky
......+Ruth Newton Whitecotton b: Abt. 1750 in Virginia m: Abt. 1770 in Virginia d: Abt. 1784 in Virginia
......3 Sarah Whitecotton Overfield b: Abt. 1784
..........+Moses Abner Overfield

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Last revised: April 2007.