Descendants of Seibert Friedrich

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1 Seibert Friedrich b: February 28, 1841 in Ruddingshausen, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany d: Abt. 1925 in Illinois
..+Anna Marie Homberger Friedrich b: June 18, 1838 in Hesse-Kassel, Germany m: July 16, 1867 in Paris, France d: Abt. 1921 in Illinois
..2 Katharine Birtha Frederick Hoffman b: September 15, 1867 in Paris, France d: January 8, 1941 in Spokane, Washington
......+George Fred Hoffman b: October 13, 1863 in Eden Township, La Salle County, Illinois m: February 23, 1887 in Eden German Lutheran Church, La Salle County, Illinois d: March 4, 1925 in Melville, Montana
..2 Henry Frederick
..2 John Frederick
..2 Samuel Frederick
..2 Leonard Frederick
..2 Louis Frederick
..2 Marie Frederick

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